Bell & Ross BR05

Mixed emoitions is the best way to describe what I felt when I saw a picture of the Bell & Ross BR05 a couple of days ago. Bell & Ross is a prestigious and renowned brand so they will get away with what a smaller lesser knowned brand whoud not. Because the design of this watch is carbon copy from the big brands sports watches. But it looks good, it really does. The first thing that hits my eyes is the dead on copy of the Patek Phillipe Nautilus bracelet and the hands from Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The shape and desig of the case is a combination of Nautilus and Royal Oak, with the limitation of only four visible screws to have at least one chanse to claim a heritage in design from Bell & Ross. I am actually quite thrilled in how the big web magazines like Hodinkee will be able to relate to this watch when most of the design elements is so unblemished design thefts. I give it to Bell & Ross that this category of sport watches has a lot of borrowed design elements, like the Girard Perregaux Laureto and, in my opinion not so much, Vacheron Constantin Overseas to ad to the first two I mentioned. But as I said. I like the BR05. I really do. But it does not bring much new to the table, except a smaller price tag.

Now I just wait to read a lot of reactions on the the big watch sites.

So what do you think? A genuine Bell & Ross take on the exclusive sport watch or a copy on something allready out there?

Bell & Ross BR05

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