Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100 ISO

Lomography Earl Grey 100When I was in Kenya back in July I forgott to pack my digital camera and had to shoot everything on film. Not that that is a big problem for me but since I have no chemicals at home I haven’t developed any film at home for a while. But I had packed a good portion of equipment in the form of Bessaflex a Yashica J3 and a Yashica TL Electro X with four lenses, Carl Zeiss Jena ƒ2.8/35mm; Meyer-Optik ƒ4.5/35mm; Schneider-Kreuznach ƒ2.8/50mm; amd last a Sigma Widerama ƒ3.2/18mm, so I had more than enough to manage.
Two of the three different films I had with me was all new to me and I was not at all sure what I could expect from those films. During the trip I did not wrote down any notes about what film I used with what combination och camera and lens and I just I allowed myself the freedom of changing lenses and cameras as I went along.

Well, back home and leaving the films for developing while I went to The Gambia for another photosafari but this time with both digital and analog cameras. Now I got the negatives back from development and have scanned the lot. The positive surprise was the Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100 ISO 35mm film. I had looked at the sample pictures at Lomographys site and had really not any expectations at all since they mixed some flash photography images with double exposures and what not. So sitting here with my new scans I can only say that I will absolutly buy this film again. This is really a movie with many possibilities and the grain is not the finest but it has a beauty to it.

I leave you with my first example from this film, Hellen outside our apartment in Kisumu.

Hellen shot with Lomography Earl Grey 100

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  1. Carl

    Oj vilken fin bild, personligen så tycker jag att svartvita fotografier alltid gör sig bättre.
    Kommer du lägga upp fler bilder från din resa?

    Mvh Carl

    1. Casselbrant Inläggsförfattare


      Jo, det kommer att komma fler bilder. Har haft dålig tid att scanna och sortera sedan jag kom hem bara men det kommer.



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